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Who is the audience for is for travelers, for welcoming the wandering hearts that love the sea and the mountain air, the history and excitement our world holds within. And for the dreamers....

What is the site about?
The heart of the matter, is you--your travels, your thoughts, wishes and dreams. As well as the practical stuff like bargains and great hidden vacation paradises. Please visit the Forum and review the travels of others and leave your own travel reviews.

How do I join the ReviewTravels Community?
Please click on our Travel Forum link to go to the Travel Reviews Forum and register to become an official member! Then post your travel experiences to your heart's content.

What is the Forum like?
If you like traveling, planning a trip or just thinking about it, we believe you'll find the Travel Forum useful. It is broken up by geographical area and allows you to review where others have traveled, lodged, cruised and explored.

My trip is planned. How can this site help me?
Enjoy your travels, and we look forward to reading about your trip in the Travel Forum when you return! (shameless plug)

I'm about ready to book some travel. What now?
You will find our review of selected discount travel Web sites in the resources section of this site. You will also find the vital publication, Know Before You Go, which is aptly named. The text from the U.S. Customs Service tells all about duties and exemptions and mailing goods home from your foreign destination. This is "must reading." We believe you will find these resources very useful. We also expect our resources to multiply with your help! So by all means bookmark this page and visit again...and again.

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