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Know Before You Go

This free U.S. Customs Service publication is available here. Highly recommended. Don't leave home without it!

Discount Travel Sites

This well known travel site offers an abundance of discount travel options from cruises, airline discounts, car rental, hotels and much more!

You will find most if not all of your traveling needs here. Great search function for airlines, car rentals, hotels and cruise options.

Full Travel Packages and Tours

11th Hour Vacations
This site offers great specials on last minute travel or off season specials. They have packages including airfare and hotel with airport transfer and tours of destination cities. Also you'll find great deals on cruises.

BJ's Vacations
As a part of BJ's Wholesale Club, this site offers fantastic and often all inclusive resort packages at discounted prices. All inclusive packages usually include airfare, food, drinks, entertainment, activities, etc. One fee and your entire vacation is paid for. Excellent for honeymoons and family vacations.

Cruise Specials

Costco Wholesale Club
This site has great vacation packages, and I found great prices on cruises that couldn't be beat, but their site's search function could be better. Once you find the right cruise ship and itinerary, check the price with Costco before booking.

Flight Auctions

Priceline has had some bad publicity. However, in the few times I have used this service, I have not been disappointed. Each time the booking was complete and non-eventful, just as I like it. You do need to shop around, of course, and visit Travelocity and Expedia to find your lowest rates. Then try knocking off 20% and do your bidding at Priceline.

Cruise Auctions

All Cruise Auction
They have an extensive list of cruise options for greatly discounted rates! Try the auctions if your travel is somewhat flexible, especially for off season travel. You can find great deals here.

On Sale Auction
This site is another great cruise auction site. CAUTION! Read the itinerary and and know the date...once your bid is placed, it cannot be changed.

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